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How to Win Friends and Influence People (Ritual Burn)

On Tuesday, December 4th at 5pm George Sanchéz-Calderón will be burning down a house on the beach sand.

As part of FAENA FESTIVAL: THIS IS NOT AMERICA George Sanchéz-Calderón will be setting a house ablaze on December 4th, a day associated with Saint Barbara, who in Yoruba traditions in Cuba is syncretized with the orisha Changó(Shangó), God of thunder.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a facsimile of the “Cape Cod” model home from Levittown, NY. In 1947 the Levittown development ushered in a new era emblematic of the “American Dream” and is considered to be the first suburban community built in the United States. The sculpture was first exhibited as part of his installation Pax Americana in 2012 at the Village of Bal Harbour. Bal Harbour and Levittown were both incorporated in the same year and were both post-war era American Developments. Given the recent fires in California, the house becomes a symbol of displacement, a ritual healing, and a reminder of the intertwined relationship between urban development and climate change. RSVP

Faena Beach

Between 32nd and 34th Streets


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