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The Biscayne Bay Show

131 Projects presents "The Biscayne Bay Show"

Artists’ Reception Friday May 31st 5pm to 9pm Allapattah Building - 804 NW 21st Terrace

Dating back millennia, Biscayne Bay was home to an indigenous society that mastered their natural surroundings. Archeological findings confirmed that the Tequesta people lived in a manner fully symbiotic with this ecosystem.

For most of the 1800’s the only access to surrounding areas was by boat. Once the train tracks were laid, the Bay’s real transformation was initiated. One of the first things affected were the Miami River’s rapids and the natural bay water springs. These were blasted with dynamite and dredged out in order to create passageway for larger cargo ships. The dredge materials from those constructions were used to lay the foundation for the Venetian Islands and Port of Miami, among many of the other assorted artificial islands on the bay. By the boom of the 1920’s the mangroves of Miami Beach and it’s native crocodile residents were cleared to establish a lush “Decolandia” and the island’s transformation began its evolution into what we witness today.

Although now part of a sprawling megalopolis, this tropical paradise lost still serves as home to dolphin, fish, sting ray, lobster, manatee, and sea birds. Some mangroves have survived, and further south it still looks and feels much as it must have been eons ago. Many artists residing in Greater Miami are connected to the unique nature of this region. Both physically and culturally, this historically rich environment has influenced the practice of each artist that has chosen to participate in this group exhibition. The body of water surrounding our city, influences us all collectively in diverse ways. In a variety of modalities, these creators share perspectives immersed in expressions of Biscayne Bay’s immutable presence.

Open bar by Team PBC & hors d’oeuvres by Beauty and the Board. Music selection by Keen one.


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