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Resting Behavior

Resting occurs when action ceases, in order for action to continue resting must take place.

In ´Resting Behavior, a group of local Miami artists explores a different approach to minimalism through their own medium, guided by the nature of less is more. Consequently, creating more to be perceived.

While Mininmalism is based on the concept that work is meant to be simply as it is in a space of their own, each piece in the show has its own conversation with the audience. Presenting even plat work in a three dimensional space.

Curated by Luna Palazzolo

& Gabriela Keddell

Opening Reception: November 28 . 6-9pm

Closing Reception: December 19th 6 - 9pm

Participating Artist:

Raul Santos

Ilian Velasco

Gavin Perry

Sean Sullivan

Kassandra Toimil

Nkosi Gomez

Dre Martinez

Lisu Vega

Miles Underworld

Edge Zones Gallery

3317 NW 7th Ave Cir, Miami, FL 33127


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