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Superchief Gallery and Hoxxoh are proud to present their co-curated group exhibition THIS IS NORMAL in room 207 of Aqua Art Fair from December 5th-9th, 2018.

The lineup includes a multitude of talented illustrators and painters from around the world, meshing the worlds of comics, graffiti, punk, surrealism, and much more. The exhibit is an homage to both emerging and established artists, giving each an opportunity to display their work in a prominent Miami Art Week destination. The show will be hung salon style, removing status and prestige in favor of allowing for each artists’ work to proverbially “speak for itself.” 

Aqua Hotel

On Tuesday, December 4th at 5pm George Sanchéz-Calderón will be burning down a house on the beach sand.

As part of FAENA FESTIVAL: THIS IS NOT AMERICA George Sanchéz-Calderón will be setting a house ablaze on December 4th, a day associated with Saint Barbara, who in Yoruba traditions in Cuba is syncretized with the orisha Changó(Shangó), God of thunder.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a facsimile of the “Cape Cod” model home from Levittown, NY. In 1947 the Levittown development ushered in a new era emblematic of the “American Dream” and is considered to be the first suburban community built in the United States. The sculpture was first exhibited as part of his installation Pax Americana in 2012 at the Village of Bal Harbour. Bal Harbour and Levittown were both incorporated in the same year and were both post-war era American Developments. Given the recent fires in California, the house becomes a symbol of displacement, a ritual healing, and a reminder of the intertwined relationship between urban development and climate change. RSVP

Faena Beach

Between 32nd and 34th Streets

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

From December 5—9, 2018, Juxtapoz Magazine will once again team up with Mana Contemporary on a full-neighborhood activation in downtown Miami.

Juxtapoz will curate 7 storefronts at 32—60 SE 1st Street, multiple art installations at the adjoining Flagler Station arcade at 48 East Flagler, as well as a full Mexico City group show and pop-up installation show at the location of last year’s Clubhouse, 200 East Flagler Street.

The Juxtapoz Clubhouse at 32—60 SE 1st Street, in partnership Mana Contemporary, will be featuring a special all-felt shop by UK-based Lucy Sparrow, a psychedelic video installation by Japanese artist, Keiichi Tanaami hosted by NANZUKA Underground (film seen above from 1971), an immersive group show by groundbreaking street artist Axel Void and VOID Projects as well as gallery presentations by Subliminal Projects, Superchief Gallery, Pt.2 Gallery, First Amendment, Scott Campbell’s SAVED Gallery and a Juxtapoz pop-up shop by JakPrints. Artist installations will include Marina Zumi, Nychos, Laurence Vallières, 1UP Crew and NinjaK/Martha Cooper, Dosshaus, Tara McPherson, James Joyce, Egle Zvirlblyte, Hoxxoh, Oliver Hawk Holden, Dennis McNett and many more!

Juxtapoz will also be teaming up with New Belgium Brewing at the site of last year’s Juxtapoz Clubhouse, 200 East Flagler Street for a special all Mexico City group show, featuring works by Paola Delfin, Maria Conejo, Christian Castañeda, Yanin Rubai, Minerva Ayón, Poni, Fusca, Monica Loya, Helena Volkva, Varenka Ruiz, Curiotli, Hoxxoh and Tellaeche.

Dec 6th - 9th. 10am - 10pm

Opening Night: Wednesday Dec 5th. 7 - 11pm

32 SE 1st Street (Storefronts)

200 East Flagler Street (Clubhouse)

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