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Club Gallery is thrilled to participate in the Clandestina Art Fair presenting a solo booth by Miami based artist, HoxxoH entitled LLOVIZNA opening Thursday, December 7 from 6-10 pm.

Debuting HoxxoH's latest developments within his practice, where gravity and sacred geometry dance in perpetual harmony, his paintings become a stage for the choreography of natural forces. His new series entitled Llovizna or Rain Paintings are a captivating extension of HoxxoH's nuanced artistic approach, weaving together the elemental forces that envelop viewers with subtle motifs that echo our perceptions of space and time.

With a pressurized machine as his paintbrush, HoxxoH not only blankets the canvas in a calculated manner but also transforms the surrounding wall into a mesmerizing 'splash zone.' Recounting instances when paint would cascade onto cars positioned 100 feet away while he worked suspended 50 feet in the air on murals, HoxxoH transforms these serendipitous occurrences into the genesis of the rain paintings —a series born from the unpredictable consequences of his artistic process.

Preview Hours: Dec 7 12-6pm
Opening Party: Dec 7, 6 -10pm

Clandestina Art Fair
7 Seas Motel
5940 Biscayne Blvd. Miami Fl 33137

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