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Triangle Miami is an independent publication focusing on Miami artists, galleries and local institutions.

Primary | Dustin Emory: Days Before Remembering

Days Before Remembering is an exhibition of new mixed-media paintings by the Atlanta-based artist Dustin Emory. This selection of work marks Emory's first solo with the gallery, a strange and wonderful look into that which is confinement.
When an instance of isolation sets in, it affects how we relate to the world. Should there be an immediate response to the overwhelming feeling of being trapped? Or embrace the situation with the intention to zero in and explore beyond our primary restraints? There is power in narrowing one's visual field; it depends on how we perceive it.
Executing his work within a strict black-and-white color palette, Emory straddles the line between analog and digital, exploring how limitations can create a boundless arena.
The paintings become a meditation, loose documentation in conversation with the visual language of the digital age.

Opens Saturday, January 28, 2023


Spinello Projects | Thomas Bils: Everything Is Not Quite The Way It Is

suite of large-scale oil paintings created between 2018-23. Painting in a highly representational style and reflecting from the absurdities accustomed to growing up in the suburban south during the beginning of the opioid crisis, Bils composes scenes from a first-person perspective where the viewer acts as a gazer upon a window of reality he has imagined and constructed. Bils practices the act of noticing, wherein he creates paintings that carry tension with their humor and mundanity. In the paintings being shown, ranging from the banal to the bizarre, Bils is interested in sharing his visual repertoire steeped in the feelings that come from the places he has lived; within that, paintings of screenshots from his digital landscape, a deeply personal and individual place on his devices, play with the ontological nature of painting, images, and text.
01. 28 – 03. 11. 2023

Spinello Projects
2930 NW 7 Ave, Wynwood

Emerson Dorsch | This World Doesn’t Belong to You

Jen Clay’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, This World Doesn’t Belong to You, focuses on her recent performative objects and quilted wall hangings. In an essay that accompanies the show, curator Tyler Emerson-Dorsch considers Clay’s references to behavioral science, popular culture and cultural theory, especially the concepts of cosmic horror and cosmic pessimism, in relation to a style she calls friendly aesthetics.
MARCH 18 - APRIL 15, 2023

Emerson Dorsch
5900 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

Club Gallery | “You Had To Be There”

“You Had To Be There” is a crossroads exhibition of three friends who’s paths met in Miami. It is an introspective exploration of what makes Miami home, and the paths that led each artist here. Club Gallery unites Diana Paz, Joshua Hall and Brian Butler to share their talents and backgrounds in this group showcase.

Club Gallery
8300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

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