Progressive Art Brunch

Progressive Art Brunch brings together participating galleries several Sundays throughout the year.

The event highlights the current programming at each venue and enables visitors a more intimate look at the exhibitions on view.

The galleries are located in the Performing Arts, Little Haiti and Little River Arts Districts.

Enjoy light brunch fare and experience contemporary art in a curated setting.

Open to the public.

Spinello Projects | ​INH(A/I)BITED

As the world’s eyes fall on Iran, Raheleh Filsoofi’s ears fall on America, recording the places she has had the freedom to move through. Trumpian rhetoric and other dissonances scorch through wires strewn across the floor and out speakers that sit below Filsoofi’s hand thrown clay vessels. The current political environment is a well of sounds for Filsoofi to collect from and layer through time, constantly updating this work with the kind of psychologically displacing and anxiety inducing discourse that causes one to feel inhibited. The exhibition runs through March 21st, 2020

Spinello Projects
Gesamtkunstwerk Building
2930 NW 7th Avenue

Miami, FL 33127

Locust Projects  | Jeff Thompson: Human Computers

a new large-scale site-specific installation and durational performance by New Jersey-based artist Jeff Thompson. Human Computers Thompson’s first solo exhibition in Miami, gives physical form to an otherwise invisible process, utilizing data and mathematics as raw materials for artistic creation rather than paint or canvas.

The exhibition kicks off with a performance starting at noon on February 22. The durational performance is a profoundly slow, intricate inhabitation of a single computer .png file. Over the course of six hours, a group of thirteen performers will decode a single digital image entirely by hand using only pencils, paint and paper worksheets. Visitors are invited to come and go as they please, entering a typical 1950s office space to view performers seated at custom furniture working away on historically-based worksheets, slowly decoding the printed streams of zeroes and ones in order to paint each individual pixel that the image is comprised of on squares of paper, approximately 2,400 in total. 

February 22 - March 21, 2020

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 22, 2020. 7:00pm-9:00pm


Locust Projects 

3852 North Miami Avenue, Miami Fl 33127

Primary Projects  |  Mop & Scaffold

Mop & Scaffold, Evan Robarts' first solo exhibition in Miami, consisting of two distinct yet related bodies of work that find themselves steeped in the conventional material. This collection of eleven paintings and two sculptures is a response to Robarts' city of birth and a reply to the architecture of Primary (Home). 

There is a story recorded in the skin of your palms, a choreography of sorts. Within lies familiarity to a tool, rhythm, a movement that is responsible for a scar, a chore that became a meditation. If there is no separating ourselves from our actions or the actions that surround us, then there must be a narrative that we carry in the husk of our hands, informing a person's unique individual motion. Cleanliness is next to godliness?! Traces of our collective fingerprint wiped away, removal by mop. 

Many of us participate in the dance of decontamination regularly, so much though that it has become a custom, with defining cultural moments like Gene Kelly's performance of Let Me Call You Sweetheart in the 1943 film Thousand Cheer.

In opposition, Robarts' appropriates the mop, capturing his poetic gesture in plaster, directly onto brightly colored linoleum tile. Robarts lends his humanity to the painting, arresting a motion of labor that spans generations, across social class, revealing the beauty in a mark easily ignored or meant to be forgotten.

Primary Projects

15 NE 39th St Miami 33137

Nina Johnson  |  Beatrice Wood: Some Things to Smile At

Some Things to Smile At, an exhibition of historic ceramics and drawings by the late artist Beatrice Wood, opening on February 14 with a public reception (7-9 pm) and remaining on view through May 2. Dating back to the 1920s, the works on display trace the iconoclastic artist’s relationship to the figure, and as well as her influence on contemporary artists such as Katie Stout, whose exhibition Sour Tasting Liquid is concurrently on view.

Wood, who passed away in 1998 at the age of 105, is one of modern art’s most captivating figures. Nicknamed the Mama of Dada because of her involvement with the New York school, she was romantically involved with Marcel Duchamp, friends with Anaïs Nin, and an inspiration for generations of artists

Nina Johnson

6315 NW 2nd Ave Miami, Florida 33150

Emerson Dorsch‎  |  Robert Thiele: 80’s to Present

solo show by Robert Thiele, to open at Emerson Dorsch Saturday, February 15, 2020. Called 80’s to Present, the show will connect a recent large wall construction, a concrete sculpture, monochrome paintings from the 1990s, and a number of small wall constructions from the decades before and after, highlighting the artist’s richly varied language of abstraction, developed over five decades. The selection focuses on his forceful works to help us understand the place of the delicate, intimate and enigmatic within his practice.

FEBRUARY 15, 2020 - MARCH 28, 2020

RECEPTION: FEBRUARY 15, 2020, 6 - 9 PM

Emerson Dorsch

5900 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, Florida 33127

Rubell Family Collection | Art of Past 50 Years

Presenting Unparalleled Journey through Contemporary Art of Past 50 Years 


The Rubell Museum announced that its new campus will open on December 4, 2019 with a museum-wide installation of works that chronicle key artists, moments, and movements in vital arts centers over the past 50 years, from the East Village to Beijing, Los Angeles to Leipzig, and São Paulo to Tokyo. The inaugural exhibition encompasses more than 300 works by 100 artists, providing one of the most far-ranging museum exhibitions of contemporary art ever presented. Drawn entirely from their expansive collection of over 7,200 works by more than 1,000 artists, the exhibition features defining and seminal works by artists whom the Rubells championed as they were first emerging (often becoming the first collectors to acquire their work) and those who had been overlooked. The new Rubell Museum is located in the Allapattah neighborhood of Miami, less than a mile from its original home in Wynwood. The new space is closer to downtown and readily accessible via public transportation. 

Opening Wednesday December 4, 2019  


Rubell Family Collection

1100 NW 23 ST, Miami, FL 33127

PAMM | Teresita Fernández: Elemental

Teresita Fernández: Elemental offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to experience numerous works by one of the nation’s leading contemporary artists. The exhibition tells the story of a creator who, through her practice, reflects and challenges perceptions of the natural world and the U.S. social order, and asks viewers to contemplate their roles with those spaces. The retrospective will introduce visitors to the artist’s large-scale sculptures, installations, and mixed media works that merge formal and conceptual aspects of her practice through the use of natural materials and the historic genre of landscape to reinterpret relationships between nature, history, and identity.

Oct. 18, 2019 – Feb. 9, 2020

Tuesday Dec 3rd: Art Talk: Teresita Fernández

Join artist Teresita Fernández, PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans, PAMM Associate Curator María Elena Ortiz, and Seattle Art Museum Director Amada Cruz for a special conversation centered on themes present throughout Teresita Fernández: Elemental. Immediately following the panel Fernández will sign copies of the exhibition catalogue.

PAMM  |  Pérez Art Museum Miami

1103 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132


In the Cone of Uncertainty foregrounds Haegue Yang’s (b. 1971, Seoul) consistent curiosity about the world and tireless experimentation with materializing the complexity of identities in flux. Living between Seoul and Berlin, Yang employs industrially produced quotidian items, digital processes, and labor-intensive craft techniques. She mobilizes and enmeshes complex, often personal, histories and realities vis-à-vis sensual and immersive works by interweaving narrative with form. Often evoking performative, sonic and atmospheric perceptions with heat, wind and chiming bells, Yang’s environments appear familiar, yet engender bewildering experiences of time and place.

The exhibition presents a selection of Yang’s oeuvre spanning the last decade – including window blind installations, anthropomorphic sculptures, light sculptures, and mural-like graphic wallpaper – taking its title from an expression of the South Florida vernacular, that describes the predicted path of hurricanes. Alluding to our eagerness and desperation to track the unstable and ever-evolving future, this exhibition addresses current anxieties about climate change, overpopulation and resource scarcity. Framing this discourse within a broader consideration of movement, displacement and migration, the exhibition contextualizes contemporary concerns through a trans-historical and philosophical meditation of the self.

NOV 2,2019-APR 5,2020



The Bass Museum of Art

2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

ICA Miami | Sterling Ruby

ICA Miami presents the first comprehensive museum survey of American/Dutch artist Sterling Ruby.

The exhibition features over 100 works that demonstrate the relationship between material transformation in Ruby’s practice and the rapid evolution of contemporary culture, institutions, and labor. Spanning more than two decades of the artist’s career, the exhibition features an array of works created in various mediums, from his renowned ceramics and paintings to lesser-known drawings and installations.

Nov 7, 2019 – Feb 2, 2020

Yayoi Kusama’s All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins in the Miami Design District, marking the first time that one of Kusama’s signature “Infinity Mirror Rooms” will be on view in Miami.

On view from October 12, 2019 through January 31, 2020, the work features a mesmerizing array of Kusama’s signature spotted pumpkins within a mirror-lined room illuminated with LED lighting. 

Tuesday, Dec 3, 2019. 7pm Members Reception. 8pm Opening Night

First Fridays Dec 7, program featuring Moor Mother, DJ Haram, and more. 


ICA Miami

Institute of Contemporary Art

61 NE 41st St, Miami, Florida 33137


Tauba Auerbach, Hernan Bas, Walead Beshty, Mark Bradford, Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Martin Creed, Aaron Curry, Salvador Dalí, Peter Doig,Tomm El-Saieh, Isa Genzken, Félix González-Torres, Mark Grotjahn, Jennifer Guidi, Wade Guyton, Guyton/Walker, Rachel Harrison, Arturo Herrera, Jim Hodges, Thomas Houseago, Alex Israel, Israel/Smith, Rashid Johnson, Alex Katz, Martin Kippenberger, Wifredo Lam, Glenn Ligon, Michael Linares, Nate Lowman, Adam McEwen, Ana Mendieta, Albert Oehlen, Paulina Olowska, Gabriel Orozco, Laura Owens, Jorge Pardo, Seth Price, Rob Pruitt, Sterling Ruby, Dana Schutz, Josh Smith, Reena Spaulings, Rudolf Stingel, Rufino Tamayo, Cosima von Bonin, Kelley Walker, Christopher Wool.


Admission free: Including lectures, events, and all educational programs


de la Cruz Collection

23 NE 41st St, Miami


In celebration of Miami Art Week 2019, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA) will present the first major U.S. solo exhibition of influential Chilean-born artist Cecilia Vicuña. “About to Happen” traces Vicuña’s career-long commitment to exploring discarded and displaced materials, peoples, and landscapes in a time of global climate change,

“Cecilia Vicuña: About to Happen” is comprised of Vicuña’s multidisciplinary work in performance, sculpture, drawing, video, text, and site-specific installations created over 40 years. Reframing dematerialization as both a formal consequence of 1960s conceptualism and radical climate change, the exhibition examines a process that shapes public memory and responsibility. Operating fluidly between concept and craft, text and textile, Vicuña’s practice merges dissimilar disciplines and communities with shared relationships to land and sea, and to the economic and environmental disparities of the 21st century.

November 26, 2019 – March 29, 2020

Public Reception with the artist: Thursday, December 5, 8-11pm

Saturday, December 7: Cecilia Vicuña performance, followed by a conversation with the artist and co-curators Andrea Andersson The Helis Foundation Chief Curator of Visual Arts at the CAC, and Julia Bryan-Wilson, Professor, University of California, Berkeley

General Admission: $10.00. Students & Seniors: $3.00


MOCA The Museum of Contemporary Art

770 NE 125th Street North Miami, Florida 33161

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