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Locust Projects | Tania Candiani: Waterbirds: Migratory Sound Flow

Interested in language, sound and the afterlife of obsolete technologies, Tania Candiani has created devices that translate images, shapes, and words into sounds and music by repurposing looms, keyboards, typewriters and other old mechanical devices to create wind, chord or percussion instruments.
Project Room: Cornelius Tulloch: Poetics of Place
Set in the ruins of a Miami Home’s porch space, this installation shadows the dystopian future we face due to current climate gentrification in our city.

December 05, 2023 - February 10, 2024
Opening Reception: Tuesday, December 05, 2023. 6:00pm-9:00pm

Locust Projects
297 NE 67th St, Miami, FL 33138

Dimensions Variable (DV) | You Are Here

The phrase “You Are Here” is commonly seen on directional signs in commercial buildings, indicating your current location in the surrounding architecture and urban design. However, in this particular case, we want to be present in place.
The artists in this exhibition are both conscious of the here and now by simply working here, but also by the historical mark they left—they’re still here. They inhabit this place and commit to it, leaving behind a network of connections both current and in the past.

Dimensions Variable (DV)
101 NW 79th Street, Miami, FL 33150

Nina Johnson | Katie Stout: Olympia

Olympia, a solo exhibition of entirely new works by New York-based artist and designer Katie Stout, opening December 4th in the Front Gallery. The exhibition is Stout’s fourth solo show with the gallery and her most ambitious yet, marking a new era for the artist. Drawing inspiration from personal developments in her life—including the artist’s move from New York City to the countryside upstate, and the birth of her first daughter, Olympia—the works in the exhibition encompass bronze, glass, and ceramic pieces produced at an unprecedented scale, alongside a body of never-before-seen watercolors.
December 4th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024

Nina Johnson
6315 NW 2nd Ave Miami, Florida 33150

Primary | OMGWTF

group exhibition featuring Alic Brock, Dustin Emory, Neil Gall, Hell Gette, Ellon Gibbs, Typoe Gran, Piero Penizzotto, Cameron Platter, Hunter Potter, Jeffrey Sincich, Bradley Sizemore, Francisco Tavoni, & Wade Tullier.

In one form or another, this exhibition is hell-driven, sprinting down the asphalt under a new moon, accelerating just before daybreak, hinting at rhythms and war drums, folklore, or nothing more. It is a search for salvation, living through strange times, not judging things out of their control, declaring a mood of disillusion, and watching the decaying city with a cool detachment.
Opens Monday, December 4, 2023 4 - 8 PM


Mindy Solomon Gallery | In Spiritual Light

“In Spiritual Light” is an exhibition about the core of creation and the energy and inherent drive that compel an artist to create. Developmentally, all human beings begin the same chronological, rudimentary journey to image making first the scribble, then, the figure and eventually the symbology of person, place and thing.
December 3, 2023 – January 6, 2024

Mindy Solomon Gallery
848 NW 22nd St. Miami, FL 33127

Spinello Projects | Barnaby Whitfield: My Bones To Blossom

My Bones To Blossom is deeply informed by Barnaby Whitfield’s wisdom and practice in permaculture, the study of self-sustaining systems that integrate the ecosystem and agriculture for the generation of abundant resources. He uses the ideas of social permaculture to world-build through painting places for queers and nature to coexist and represent each other, exchanging meaning and truth with one another. Whitfield uses history and naturalism to infuse meaning into the subtle use of symbolism in his painting.

Spinello Projects
2930 NW 7 Ave, Wynwood

Emerson Dorsch | Elisabeth Condon: Tempus Fugit

new solo exhibition by Elisabeth Condon. Known for a style that marries joy in the mark of unfurling ribbons of paint with landscape and more recently with elements of bourgeois decoration, Condon’s new paintings channel freedom found when boundaries break down. She experiments with all number of techniques and applications, creating intricate compositions that layer numerous moves.

Emerson Dorsch
5900 NW 2nd Avenue. Miami, FL 33127

Club Gallery | HOXXOH: Of Light & Shadow

Debuting a new body of work, Hoxxoh continues his exploration of non-traditional mark-making using repurposed garden irrigation tools. Translating his large-scale murals to his studio practice, this series of paintings spark a more intimate observation of the harmonies that exist between gravity, structural integrity, and scale.
Referencing his recent large murals, Hoxxoh’s paintings radiate similar explosive bursts of color and dynamic movement; he distinctly utilizes arches as a recurring motif to convey structure and rhythm to his kinetic painterly applications. In doing so, the artist nods to not only the architectural integrity of the buildings that he paints on but also the symbolism behind the arches themselves, which cross-culturally signify moments of renewal and rites of passage. Dec 9, 2023 - Jan 14, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, Dec 9, 6 - 9PM

Club Gallery
8300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

KDR | Alejandro Piñeiro Bello: En El Arco Del Caribe

In En El Arco Del Caribe (In the Arc of the Caribbean), Piñeiro Bello asks us to transcend the tangible and invites us to immerse ourselves in the magic. The exhibition will bring together new paintings, works on paper, and a wooden sculpture. Using traditional materials such as oil on raw linen or hemp, Piñeiro Bello conjures a kaleidoscope of hues, evoking the natural landscapes and folkloric traditions of the Caribbean. His masterful compositions, abstract and semi-abstract, unfurl like mystical realms, laying bare uncharted territories within the artist's subconscious.
December 3, 2023 – January 13, 2024

Opening Reception: December 3, 2023, 11AM -4 PM

790 NW 22nd, MIAMI, FL 33127

Swampspace Gallery | Valle De Lágrimas

Swampspace Galley presents in memoriam the major formative work by Adolfo Sanchez, Cuban American painter (1957-1990). VALLE DE LÁGRIMAS (Valley of Tears) is a tribute to Mexican Foto Novelas of the 1970’s. The monumental montage of ten lurid canvases is a meditation on popular culture rendered skillfully by Sanchez before succumbing to AIDS. Swampspace presents this seminal work in partnership with Spinello Projects GAY ERA, a series of Solo Exhibitions celebrating figurative works by painters in the prime of their development.

Swamspace Gallery
3940 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Pan American Art Projects | Text/Image

Text/Image is an exploration of the relationships between these two often interconnected concepts. The show engages in a broad discussion of semiotics and visual rhetoric with the exhibiting artists exploring the idea of attributing meaning as it pertains to signs, symbols, language, and visual tropes. While some artists employ written language directly in their works, others pull inspiration from written texts or even create their own linguistic systems and indices, expanding the semiotic possibilities and blurring the line between the linguistic and the visual.

Pan American Art Projects
Design District
21 NE 39th Street, Miami, Fl 33137
Little River
274 NE 67TH STREET, MIAMI, FL 33138

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Flowerbox Projects | Reeve Schumacher

eeve Schumacher completed a fine arts degree at the University of Miami before moving to Arles in 2010. There he co-founded LHOSTE, an alternative space dedicated to contemporary art and experimental sound. A visual artist and musician, he performs and exhibits internationally.
Opening Wednesday December 6th. 6pm

Flowerbox Projects
5708 NE 4th Ave, Miami, FL 33137

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