Primary Projects | OMGWTF

Primary Projects  |  OMGWTF

group exhibition featuring Oona Brangam-Snell, Tim Brawner, Andrej Dubravsky, Loren Erdrich, Gao Hang, Cody Hudson, Ted Lawson, Mía Lee, Tuilelaith-Fionnuala Onòra, Ryan Schneider, Mr. StarCity, and Wade Tullier. In one way or another, this exhibit is a thick and sloppy brush stroke dragged across a surface of your preference. It is an illegal U-Turn from the right lane at 35 MPH; a high-speed crash course in ass shaking while mouthing the lyrics "cotton candy, sweetie gold, let me see the Tootsee Roll." Sometimes, it may present itself as a decadent dessert for your first course at a late-night dinner. Other times, it could wander off into a field with a Florida man holding an alligator and picking mushrooms. Occasionally, this offering might sound like a punk riff with extra distortion played at 120 decibels. It could easily vibrate like blue text on a red background or move like a VW Cabriolet 5-Speed with the top-down blasting Young MC while waving a white flag.

Opens: November 30, 2021 | 4 - 8 PM

Primary Projects