Meleko Mokgosi: Your Trip to Africa
Meleko Mokgosi (b. 1981, Francistown, Botswana; lives in New York) wields the traditions of Western European painting to deliver sharp political critiques relating to the postcolonial condition. Combining a high degree of painterly skill with a poetic, open-ended semiotic approach and a penchant for deep archival research, the artist shines light on some of the complex socioeconomic dynamics that animate contemporary southern Africa. Feb. 28, 2020 – Jan. 9, 2022

Allied with Power: African and African Diaspora Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection
Celebration of their most recent acquisitions, which consists of a sizable selection of international African and African Diaspora artists. Inspired by his upbringing in a number of Latin American countries, Pérez began collecting the work of Cuban and Afro-Latino artists several years ago. Nov. 7, 2020 – Feb. 6, 2022

Jedd Novatt: Monotypes and More. Jedd  Novatt  is an artist who has created and continues to define a language of art making informed equally by histories of sculpture and the dynamism of the contemporary moment.  Oct. 14, 2021 – June 26, 2022

Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate. Heaven’s Gate is a monumental new work by video artist Marco Brambilla. A lavish, satirical and vertigo-inducing meditation on the Hollywood ‘Dream Factory,’ Heaven’s Gate is a work of digital psychedelia employing the same state-of-the-art computer compositing technology as the films it references. June 17, 2021 – Feb. 1, 2022

Panel: NFTs The Next 500 Years
While NFTs have dominated the discourse around art this year, everything about them feels opaque. How to obtain, define, and conserve NFTs are still confusing matters for many. To get to the bottom of things PAMM’s Director of Digital Engagement will moderate a panel with artist Sofia Crespo, curator Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan, and Art Blocks CCO Jeff Davis. The panel will discuss how NFTs have changed the practice of digital art, where NFTs sit in the broader tradition of digital art, and where this all might be headed.
11/29/2021. 12:00pm. Free with RSVP

PAMM  |  Pérez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132